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yay. endlich umgezogen. =)
bin endlich total gluecklich. =) ahhh. es ist echt tollo hier.
tolle familie, auf jeden fall.
wir haben heute unsere "yearbooks" bekommen. hihi, ich brauchte sogar nicht dafuer bezahlen^^ sister liebt mich. deswegen. tihi*
und morgen ist letzter schultag, bin ziemlich traurig drueber. die sind alle netti.
morgen kirche. yay. wird bestimme auch ganz super gut. naja werde ali wieder sehen. die hat sich gestern auh nich was gerissen. aba hallo.
heute war ich mich mal schoen sonnen. geil^^ und nun wieder sonnenallergie. das juckt wie die past. ai ai ai.
hab mich aber eingecremt mama. =)
anosnten.. weiss ich auh nits neues.
hab euch gern.
die nini <3
30.5.07 01:44

"If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way.". Follow your Dreams.

- Jane Goodall
22.5.07 00:36

Senior Ball 007!

Mike and Me

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Erica and Me

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12.5.07 17:25

And will you tell all your friends
you've got your gun to my head!

I'm an addict for dramatics
I confuse the two for love
"You can't tell me that you don't beg..."

you are everything I want
'Cause you are everything I'm not

And we lay, we lay together just not
Too close, too close (How close is close enough?)

I just wanna break you down so badly
Well I trip over everything you say
I just wanna break you down so badly
In the worst way
11.5.07 06:13

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yo, that is me. with my new uniform.
i know, you can't really tell that it is a uniform. hhihiihih*
so yeah, i have been pretty good.
guess what?!!
tomorrow is the senior ball. i am soooo frickin nervous, but also excited.
it is gonna be sooo much fun. yeah!!!
oh.. haha that was so funny, i had to go to track practice with a skirt today. i didnt have any clean shorts. it was so embarrassing, cuz the skirt was wicked short. i thought i was naked.
have a nice day. night. life.

oh, by the way, i am coming home on the 19/20 june, be prepared.

praise jesus.
11.5.07 01:44

oki oki oki,
also. ich hab noch kein bild von mir und meiner uniform^.^
i am sorry.^^
ehm ja.
ich bin ja nun endlich inner schule und so.
das echt geilo da. <33
ich mach nun leichtathletik oder wie man das schreibt. da smacht auch sau dolle spassi. geh zwa immer tot dabei, aber ist oki. endlich kann ich mal wieder normalen sport treiben.
gleich geht es aufn geb vom mike... hmmm...
und dann morgen wieder schule.
am freitag war ich mit der ashley und zach im kino. ham "vacancy" geguckt. war ganz oki.
machts gut.
29.4.07 22:01

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16.4.07 15:31

So hold your head up high and know it's not the end of the road
Walk down this beaten path before you pack your things and head home
At the end of the road you'll find what you've been longing for

I know 'cause my feet have the scars to show
I was lost with vague direction and no place to call home
2.4.07 20:32

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
2.4.07 06:17

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1.4.07 06:44

You have to, you just have to trust me
Whoever I was then,
I can't ever be again
29.3.07 21:06

be be be be agressive!
be be be be jealous!
i will see
Taking back sunday!
underoath and
amor for sleep!

haha! yeah! i cant wait,
it will be sooo awesome. yay!
so what are you guys up to?
i was in church today with mom and puppy (jimbob =))
and we went to this amazing coffe place.
it is so frickin good there.
and jimbob gave me his cell yesterday!
a slide one. hahah
and i went to a show yesterday with him too and it was great! =)))
i am probably going to visit the school tomorrow,
see if they can get me into school by monday,
i hope so...
if not, it is gonna suck....

love. and peace.
29.3.07 08:17

back in new fart^^

boston was awesome. we had tons of fun. i miss em already... miss monny and stinki pants. haha*
so yeah.. i was pretty bored today..
maybe i have to go back to germany soon, but i am not sure yet..
ahs jim an i went to church yesterday. it was so amazing i love the youth pastor :]

1. timothy 5:2 (NLT)
Treat older women as you would your mother, and treat younger women with all purity as you would your sister.
22.3.07 21:38

i am friggin tired.
i had like 3 hours of sleep last night...
i am leaving tomorrow to go to boston. hope it will be fun.
yesterday i went to the movies with jim. we saw "dead silence" pretty good movie, not toooo good though!
i got a cell phone today. yeah.
poor kaddo...
love you.
18.3.07 00:23

You know you're in love when you cant fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams
13.3.07 23:40

bah bah bah
my parents^^

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me. macking out with the hawt broom.

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awesome band that i saw today!

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11.3.07 06:09

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